How to play Japanese Escort? Play details, fees, and cautions are also explained.

In Japan, many people may be unsure about the detailed process and play content when it comes to hiring an escort. Unlike in other countries, sexual intercourse is prohibited with escorts in Japan. Requesting sex unknowingly may lead to trouble with the establishment, so it’s important to be cautious.

This article will provide a detailed explanation of how to engage with Japanese escorts, play content, and pricing. Additionally, we will discuss important points to consider, making it a useful reference for those contemplating the use of escort services during their travels in Japan.

If you’re having trouble choosing an establishment, please check out the article on “29 Recommended Escorts in Tokyo”.

How to play with Japanese Escort

Play Content

As a fundamental rule, sexual intercourse is prohibited with Japanese escorts. Instead, a play known as “sumata” is offered, where pleasure similar to sex is achieved by rubbing the male genitalia between the female’s thighs.

While full intercourse is not possible, escorts provide various other plays such as kissing, fellatio, handjobs, and more.

One crucial aspect to be aware of in terms of play content is the distinction between free and paid options. The plays are categorized as follows:

Free Paid
Full-body licking
Adult toys
No panties
Facial ejaculation
Deep throat
Anal fingering (AF)
Photo and video shooting
Watching masturbation
Anal licking

The basic plays such as kissing, fellatio, handjob, and sumata are mostly offered for free in many escort establishments. Therefore, it’s possible to enjoy more than enough without opting for additional paid options.

Please note that the types of paid options vary depending on the establishment and the individual escort. Even within the same establishment, some escorts may offer anal fingering (AF), while others may not.

If you have specific paid options in mind, it’s advisable to confirm whether the chosen escort is compatible with those options before making a reservation.

Flow of Engagement

When engaging with an escort in Japan, start by contacting the establishment to nominate a specific escort. Then, wait for the escort at the hotel where you are staying or at a love hotel you have newly reserved.

Let’s explore the detailed steps for each part.


Firstly, make a reservation. Once you’ve decided on the establishment to visit, check the list of available escorts and choose one. If you pick a particular escort from the numerous options, a nomination fee will be incurred.

Generally, the nomination fee is around 2,000 yen, and in high-end establishments, it can be as much as 5,000 yen. If you feel it’s a waste, you can ask the staff at the establishment to choose an escort for you. This way, there is no nomination fee, and you can keep the cost down.


Making a reservation on the same day is usually acceptable, but if the date and time of use are fixed, it’s reassuring to make a reservation in advance. Popular escorts tend to be quickly booked by other clients.

Once you have decided on the establishment and escort, proceed to make a reservation. There are various reservation methods, but for those not fluent in Japanese, online booking is recommended. For details on reservation methods, refer to “How to Reserve an Escort.”

The information to convey during the reservation includes:

  • Your name
  • The nominated escort
  • Date and time of the play
  • Chosen course
  • Location for dispatch

Regarding the location for dispatch, the response varies depending on where you want to enjoy the play. If you want the escort to come to your current hotel, provide the hotel’s address.

If you wish to avoid using the hotel where you are staying, perhaps due to family or friends being present, communicate this preference. After securing a love hotel, contact the escort again to smoothly complete the reservation.

Waiting for the Escort

Once the reservation is confirmed, wait for the escort at the hotel. The escort will have received information such as the room number from the staff and will come to your room alone.


In hotels with strict security, you may also receive a call from the front desk.

When the escort arrives at your room, she will notify you through a knock or intercom. Open the door and welcome the escort.

Paying the Escort Fee

In Japanese escort services, upfront payment is common. Confirm the chosen course and the displayed amount, then proceed with the payment accordingly.

While cash is the primary payment method, some establishments also accept credit cards. If you prefer to pay by card, inform the establishment during the reservation.

The escort may bring a payment terminal, allowing for on-the-spot card payments.

Taking a Shower

Before the play begins, it is customary to take a shower together with the escort. Since the shower time is included in the play duration, some may choose to shower alone beforehand to save time.

However, the escort may feel unsure whether you truly bathed, leading to mistrust. It is recommended to shower together with the escort to create a comfortable atmosphere before moving on to the play.

The Play

Now, the play begins. If you ever feel uncertain about the steps to proceed, it’s best to leave it to the escort.
If you have specific requests for the play, such as “I want a lot of kissing” or “I want you to lick a lot,” communicate these preferences, and the escort will tailor the play accordingly.

Taking a Shower

Before the play begins, the escort sets a timer using a provided device to determine the end time. The alarm serves as a signal that the play is concluding.

Take another shower and prepare for the escort’s departure.


The timer is usually set 10 to 15 minutes before the actual end time. For example, in a 60-minute session, the timer is set for 45 minutes, considering the final shower time.

It’s important to understand that the escort is not trying to cut time but is factoring in the last shower time when setting the timer.

How to Reserve an Escort

There are three methods for reserving an escort: Phone Reservation, Web Reservation, and “Hime” (Princess) Reservation. While the methods differ, the information you need to convey to the staff remains the same.

Phone Reservation

Phone reservation is considered the most challenging method for foreigners. If you have a decent level of proficiency in Japanese, call the establishment directly to make a reservation.

The phone number is usually listed on the official website of the establishment.

Web Reservation

Web reservation is a suitable method for those who are not proficient in Japanese. When using web reservation, you apply through a dedicated reservation form. Keep in mind that not all establishments may have a web reservation form on their official site, so consider checking portal sites as well.


Some establishments may call to confirm the reservation. Repeat the details, and if everything is correct, the reservation will be completed.

Furthermore, some establishments that welcome foreigners allow reservations through messaging apps like LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk, or WhatsApp.

In this case, reservation confirmation is often done through written communication, making it suitable for those who wish to avoid phone calls from staff.

“Hime” (Princess) Reservation

The third method is “hime” (princess) reservation, where you book through a female escort’s social media account direct messages (DMs). This method is effective when you have a particular escort in mind.

However, be aware that an additional fee may be charged for “hime” reservations, as it is considered a special request. The additional fee can range from 1,000 to 5,000 yen.


Not all escorts may accept “hime” reservations. It’s recommended to check on Twitter in advance.

Japanese Escort Rates

Play Fees Range from ¥20,000 to ¥200,000

The play fees for Japanese escorts range from ¥20,000 to ¥200,000 for 60 minutes. There is a significant variation between establishments, and depending on the rank and title of the escort, fees can exceed ¥200,000 for a 60-minute session.

When categorizing establishments based on fees, the breakdown is as follows:

Fee Range
Budget Establishment ¥20,000–¥35,000
Mid-range Establishment ¥35,000–¥60,000
High-end Establishment ¥60,000–¥200,000

Additional Nomination and Hotel Fees

In addition to play fees, Japanese escorts may charge extra for nomination, hotel accommodation, and optional services. Even if referred to as “love hotels,” staying overnight is not a requirement.

There are also “break plans” offering short sessions of 2 to 3 hours. The typical price for using a love hotel for a break plan in Tokyo ranges from ¥5,000 to ¥10,000.

Nomination fees and optional service fees vary by establishment, so it’s advisable to confirm these details in advance.

Points to Note When Engaging with Japanese Escort

Unable to Choose a Woman in Person

In Japanese escort services, you cannot select a woman in person. You must choose a woman based on photos posted on the website.

In the case of budget establishments, there is a possibility of heavy photo editing. While it’s rare for a completely different person to arrive, be prepared for some level of photo editing.

Conversely, in high-end establishments, there is generally less photo editing. Given the high caliber of women at these establishments, any editing is often limited to brightening skin tones or slightly enhancing eye features.


For those who want to spend time with beautiful women, I strongly recommend high-end establishments.

Some Hotels May Restrict Escort Entry

When bringing an escort to the hotel where you are staying, some hotels may prohibit escort services. City hotels and business hotels, being common accommodations, often restrict entry to non-residents based on their terms of use.

If you wish to engage with an escort at your hotel, confirm with the escort staff during the reservation. If you provide the hotel name, they can check the dispatch history and inform you whether it’s possible.

If it proves difficult, consider moving to a love hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Japanese Escort

What is the Foreigner Price?

In Japanese adult entertainment establishments, including escorts, there is a “foreigner price.” If the pricing page is written in a language other than Japanese, simply pay the listed amount.

However, if only Japanese is displayed, you may need to pay an additional ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 or more on top of the displayed amount.

If you’re unsure about the foreigner price, inquire with the staff.

What Happens if I Cancel?

If you cancel a Japanese escort reservation, a cancellation fee is usually required. The amount varies depending on the establishment.

Some establishments may not charge a cancellation fee if canceled the day before, while others may demand 10% to 50% of the play fee.

Canceling on the day of the appointment may result in being charged the full fee, so be cautious.

Can I Make a Reservation Without a Japanese Phone Number?

You can make a reservation even if you don’t have a Japanese phone number. However, if membership registration is required before booking and you lack a usable phone number, you may encounter difficulties proceeding with the registration.

In such cases, consider establishments that accept reservations through messaging apps like LINE or WeChat.

What is the Recommended Time to Call an Escort?

The recommended time to call an escort in Japan is on weekdays between 18:00 and 19:00. This is because Japanese men have just finished work during this time, resulting in fewer clients and making it easier to nominate a preferred woman smoothly.

If you have some flexibility in your schedule, it’s recommended to visit right after the establishment opens. Women who have just started their shift typically have more energy, and if you’re lucky, you might enjoy a more intense service than usual.

If You’re Unsure Which Establishment to Choose, Consider Night Ninja

This time, we explained how to engage with Japanese escorts and discussed their rates. It’s important to note that sex is prohibited in Japanese escort services, and using such services unknowingly could lead to trouble with the establishment.

While full intercourse is not allowed, you can enjoy various techniques such as sumata (thigh sex), kissing, and fellatio. If you’re interested in finding recommended establishments, please contact Kenny on LINE.

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