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Hello brother who loves Japan and Japanese women. I’m Kenny from JapanFridayNight.
Thanks for your interest. I’d like you to hear little bit about how I started this site.

Introduction: Kenny

Hello, dear readers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest. My name is Kenny and I am a Japanese living in Japan.

I am a Japanese living in Japan, and I am very anxious when I play for the first time, and I spend many nights researching on the Internet to make sure that I am doing the right thing. Is it really safe? I was so anxious that I had to ask myself, “Is it really safe?

After all, I had been ripped off before, and I didn’t want to make a mistake if I was going to play! I had such a feeling.

I thought there might be some readers out there who felt that way. I started with the idea that there might be some readers who feel that way, and I am writing this book in the hope that I can convey the “thrill” I felt along the way in a realistic way, while summarizing “points that the author and other readers feel uneasy about” in a “physical” form.

First-time events are full of anxiety. I have also published contact information to relieve such anxieties of readers.


Anytime contact me!

How reassuring it would be to have someone with experience in a strange land or play.

I hope to be such a presence that I wanted at the time to be there for such readers.

The world we want to create

Three things we promise our readers

Promise 1. Accurate information

I want to promise to reflect not only the information on the Internet, but also the real-time information from readers who actually carry the information there, or receive inquiries and comments on the blog, or on line.

I was betrayed when I actually played with them. None of our readers would want to have this kind of feeling.

That is why we want to make a sincere effort to communicate in a way that is understandable to whom it is “the best thing”.

Promise 2. Information based on actual experience

The world claims to be optimizing, cost-effective, and efficient. But is that really enough?

In order to deliver the best information to our readers, we sincerely hope to deliver real information with a sense of touch.

It is only through actual experience that we can understand “this is how I feel in such and such a place.

If we know that there are like-minded people here, we can take on new challenges with confidence. There is a “joy” that comes only from having the courage to take on a challenge.

Promise 3. Usable Information

No matter how much information is based on actual experience, it is meaningless if it cannot be used in practice.

We believe that it is meaningless unless options for what to do with the information are presented, so that “he who conquers information conquers sex.

I want the information to be nama information that can be used on the road or for preliminary research, not to mention the feeling of having experienced one adventure after reading it.

It is with this in mind that I am on line, and I hope you will make use of it.

We hope you will join us on this wonderful journey!

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