Location of Tobita Shinchi (Osaka)? How to get there and prices|With map

Tobita Shinchi is a famous entertainment district in Osaka. Many people may play in Shinsekai or Minami during the daytime and plan to go to Tobita Shinchi at night.

Although there are a certain number of brothels in Japan that do not accept foreigners, Tobita Shinchi is tolerant of foreigners who cannot speak Japanese.

This article explains where Tobita Shinchi is located, how to get there, and how much it costs to play. Please refer to the map for a detailed description of the information in the area.

What is Tobita Shinchi?

Tobita Shinchi is a famous entertainment district in Japan

Tobita Shinchi is a famous entertainment district in Osaka, a historic area that has been in operation since 1916 and is known as one of the largest entertainment districts in Japan.

Tobita Shinchi is about 600 meters in diameter and has five streets. Each street is lined with a number of stores on both sides, and each street has a different name.

*The name of each street in Tobita-shinchi.

Especially prosperous are “Seishun Street” at the top and “Main Street” just below it.

Young women are more numerous and better looking on Seishun-Street and Main-Street. The further down the street you go, the older the women are and the lower their level of appearance.


Jyukujyo Street and Nenkin Street were commonly known as “Yokai Street. Yokai is the Japanese word for monster.

The street used to have only older women, but after 2020, the number of young women seems to be increasing. If you are interested in this street, please take a peek, as it is more relaxed and enjoyable than Main Street or Seishun Street.

Although few people use Mature Women Street and Pension Street, they have a certain number of core customers. They are highly skilled from years of experience, and may be recommended for those who want to enjoy the finest play techniques.

If this is your first visit to Tobita Shinchi, please visit each street in the following order.

  • Main street … the most prosperous, with many beautiful, young women
  • Seishun Street…as beautiful as the main street, with many young women
  • Oomon Street…lower quality than Main Street and Youth Street
  • Jyukujyo street…many in their 30s
  • Nenkin Street…many in their 30s

Price is 11,000 yen for 15 minutes

Prices at Tobita Shinchi start at 11,000 yen for 15 minutes and go up to 16,000 yen for 20 minutes and 21,000 yen for 30 minutes, with the longest course available at 81,000 yen for 120 minutes.

Play Time Price
15 minutes 11,000 yen
20 minutes 16,000 yen
30 minutes 21,000 yen
45 minutes 31,000 yen
60 minutes 41,000 yen
90 minutes 61,000 yen
120 minutes 81,000 yen

However, in Tobita Shinchi, it is not common to play slowly, but to have a quick sex. For this reason, few customers spend 120 minutes to fully enjoy the play, and many choose a shorter course of 20 to 45 minutes.

In addition, there are several streets in Tobita Shinchi, and prices vary depending on which street you choose to play on. The 11,000 yen for 15 minutes mentioned earlier is the price for “Seishun Street,” “Main Street,” and “Daimon Street.

The prices for “Mature Women Street” and “Pension Street,” where the women are older, are 16,000 yen for 30 minutes. Please refer to the following table for the prices on Yokai Street.

Play time Price
30 minutes 16,000 yen
40 minutes 21,000 yen
50 minutes 26,000 yen
60 minutes 31,000 yen

Open from 10:00 to 24:00

Tobita Shinchi’s opening hours are from 10:00 to 24:00. It starts opening at 10:00 in the morning, regardless of weekends or holidays. However, there are a certain number of stores that open at 12:00 or 15:00, so those who want to see more stores are advised to go in the evening.

The time when the number of customers increases is from around 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. If you would like to take your time and look around for women, it is best to go between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., as the area is crowded with many customers at this time of the day.

Tobita Shinchi is open year-round. Many stores are open during the year-end and New Year’s holidays as well as during the Golden Week holidays.

Is Tobita Shinchi open to foreigners?

Tobita Shinchi is open to foreigners. In the 2010s, they used to refuse foreigners, but as the number of tourists to Japan increased, more and more restaurants started accepting foreigners.

Customers who do not speak Japanese can use this service, but be aware that the women do not speak English. While simple English words can be understood, they are not suitable for those who wish to communicate in depth in English.

You will probably have more fun at a delicatessen or soapland that has English-speaking cast members for foreigners.

If you want to know more about delicatessen in Osaka, please refer to the article “10 escort Recommendations in Osaka“.

Tobita Shinchi Location and Directions

Tobita Shinchi is located in Osaka City’s Nishinari Ward. If you are heading there from Osaka Station, there are two main modes of transportation: cab and train.

If visiting by train, first walk through Osaka Station and then head to Umeda Station on the subway. From Umeda Station on the Midosuji Line, take the subway to Dobutsuen-mae Station, and after getting off, walk for about 10 minutes to reach Tobita Shinchi.

The following video will help you understand how to get to Tobita-shinchi from Dobutsuen-mae Station.

Please see the table for travel times and fares for cab and train respectively.

Travel Time Fare
Taxi 20 minutes 2,080 yen
Train 28 minutes 240 yen

By train, you can get to Tobita Shinchi for 240 yen, but you will need to walk from Osaka Station to Umeda Station. The underground passage connecting the two stations is a bit complicated, so we personally recommend taking a cab.

If you take a cab, show the following address to the driver and he will take you there.

〒557-0001 大阪府大阪市西成区山王3丁目1−13 飛田会館

To get to Tobita Shinchi from Shinsekai, a famous tourist spot in Osaka, a cab ride costs about 680 yen.

How to play Tobita Shinchi


As we told you earlier, Tobita Shinchi is a place for quick, quick fun. You can have sex, but you will not receive massage, mat play, or other services that are available in other adult entertainment establishments.

Please see below for the procedure on how to play.

  1. Look at the women in the storefront and choose the store you want to enter
  2. Enter the store and talk to the obasan
  3. Guide yourself upstairs
  4. Enter the private room and the lady offers you a drink and a hand towel
  5. Make a little chat and decide how many minutes you want
  6. Pay the fee in advance
  7. The woman leaves the room once with the money paid
  8. When the woman returns, play begins
  9. We both undress ourselves and the man lies down on the futon
  10. Fellatio begins
  11. They insert themselves
  12. They ejaculate
  13. Get candy and leave the store

There are about 160 stores in Tobita Shinchi. It is not practical to visit all of them. Also, since there is no reservation system, beautiful women are sold out quickly.

Since they are often taken by other customers while you are looking at other stores, If you see a woman you like, enter the store right away.


All the women in Tobita Shinchi are good looking. It’s hard to keep your eyes open, but I recommend that you trust your instincts and enter the store.

At the entrance of the store, there is a woman and an obasan, a tout. When entering the store, ask the woman “Hello” or “Are you available?” and she will smoothly guide you to the second floor.

To get a feel for the atmosphere of Tobita Shinchi, watch the video below.

A similar area is Yoshiwara in Tokyo, but Tobita Shinchi and Yoshiwara differ in the way they play. In Yoshiwara, you will find soaplands, where you can enjoy sex and mat play for 60 to 120 minutes.

Tobita Shinchi, on the other hand, has a shorter playing time of 15 to 20 minutes, and the content of the play is simple: sex only.

Since it is not possible to take a shower before play, it is recommended that you clean yourself as much as possible before going there.

Precautions when going to Tobita Shinchi

Do not take pictures

Do not take pictures or videos in Tobita Shinchi. Taking pictures of women sitting in front of stores is also not allowed, as well as the interior and exterior of the stores.

There are “No Photography” signs everywhere on the street, and if you are caught taking pictures, the touts will get angry with you, so be careful.

Families and women should not go

Some people may be planning to go to Tobita Shinchi for sightseeing purposes as part of a family vacation. However, non-men are not recommended to go.

Tobita Shinchi is a nightlife district where men buy women. It is not a place for women to enter for sightseeing purposes, and in some cases it may be perceived as a place to chill out.

Although there is no rule that says “only men may enter,” it is important to know that there is an unspoken understanding.

There are prohibitions on play

In order to enjoy sex in Tobita Shinchi, you need to follow the rules set by the restaurant. Specifically, they are as follows.

  • Kissing is prohibited
  • You may not lick a woman’s breasts
  • Do not touch a woman’s lower body
  • Wear a rubber during penetration
  • Wear a rubber when giving a blow job

It is safe to assume that only penetration is allowed, and other play is prohibited. Foreplay in particular is strictly forbidden, and the only thing you can do is touch the woman’s breasts.


Play is female-led. It is possible to change the position of the body, but basically you cannot make a request, so be careful.

Tobita Shinchi has no tolerance for ill-mannered customers. Customers who are out of time or treat women like objects will be ordered to leave even after they have paid their bill.

It is important to follow the instructions of the women and enjoy yourself within the rules in order to avoid trouble with the establishment.

Soapland is recommended for nightlife in Japan

In this article, we have described Tobita Shinchi in Osaka. While it is open to foreigners, the rules are strict and it is not possible to communicate in English.

If you want to visit Tobita Shinchi as an experience, it is fine, but if you want to enjoy the play as a sex experience, I suggest you to visit a soapland where you can communicate in English.

In addition to sex, soaplands offer rich mat play for maximum pleasure.

The closest soapland to Osaka is the one in Yukoto. If you are interested, please see the article “5 recommended soaplands in Yugoto

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