How to play Japanese Sexual Relaxation service? An explanation of the fees is also provided

Are you interested in experiencing erotic massage in Japan’s adult entertainment industry?

In Japanese adult entertainment, there are various types of erotic massages, and one of them is the Japanese Sexual Relaxation service. While basic services typically include a hand job, it’s essential to be cautious as many other activities are charged separately.

This article explains the procedure, fees, and precautions of Japanese Sexual Relaxation service.

What is Japanese Sexual Relaxation service?

Services Offered

Japanese Sexual Relaxation service combines relaxation and sexual services.

It usually starts with a wholesome massage and gradually stimulates erogenous zones. The common sequence concludes with a hand job.

There are two categories of services in Japanese Sexual Relaxation: basic and premium. You can customize premium services by paying additional fees on top of the basic ones.

For details on basic and premium services, see the table below.

Basic Premium
Oil Massage
Sensual Massage
Hand job
Nipple licking
Anal licking
Prostate massage
Photo/Video shooting
Use of adult toys
Facial ejaculation
Soft touch on the woman
Topless woman
Nude woman

The inclusion of each play in the basic fee varies between establishments. It is recommended to confirm during reservation.


While fellatio is often considered a premium service, some establishments or individuals may have restrictions against it.

Differences from men’s esthe

A similar entertainment option to Japanese Sexual Relaxation service is “men’s esthe.” Both involve massage activities, but the nature of the services differs.

Japanese Sexual Relaxation service includes a hand job towards the end, leading to ejaculation. On the other hand, men’s esthe does not offer hand job services; instead, it focuses on massage around the inguinal region.


Men’s esthe does not fall under adult entertainment, so unlike Japanese Sexual Relaxation service, it cannot provide sexual services.

Men’s esthe is primarily a place to experience relaxation-focused massages. While there may be elements of cosplay and massages in sensitive areas, it does not lead to explicit sexual satisfaction.

For those expecting a teasing service rather than explicit sexual acts, men’s esthe might be more enjoyable.

How to play Japanese Sexual Relaxation service

1: Reservation

Start by making a reservation. Different establishments have different concepts, such as those with dominant women, cosplay-themed establishments, or places offering authentic massages.

Decide on the establishment and the specific woman you want to choose, then get in touch. Communication can be done through three methods: phone, email, or communication apps.

Phone For those who speak Japanese.
Requires a phone number usable in Japan.
Email For those who understand a little Japanese.
There’s a possibility of receiving a phone call for reservation confirmation.
Communication Apps For those who don’t speak Japanese.
Apps like LINE, WeChat, Kakao, WhatsApp, etc.

The most recommended method is to use communication apps such as LINE or WeChat. When contacting, provide information such as your name, preferred date and time, the name of the selected woman, chosen course, and the name of the hotel where you are staying to the staff at the establishment.

2: Waiting

Once the reservation is confirmed, wait at the hotel. Japanese Sexual Relaxation service is available in both dispatch and storefront types, but there are more establishments operating on a dispatch basis.

Storefront options are limited, and the number decreases further when considering those accessible to foreigners. Generally, utilizing storefront services can be challenging.


If you prefer not to use a city hotel for your stay, reserving a love hotel is acceptable. For short plans lasting 2-3 hours, love hotels can be used for ¥5,000-¥10,000.

When the woman arrives at your room, she will notify you through a knock or intercom. Open the door and invite her in.

3: Payment

Upon the woman’s entrance, the first step is settling the payment. In Japan’s adult entertainment industry, prepayment is standard. Confirm the reserved course with the woman, and pay the instructed amount.

Payments are accepted in cash or credit card. Some establishments may not accept credit cards, so it’s advisable to confirm during the reservation.

4: Shower

After completing the payment, take a shower. Showers often take place upon the woman’s arrival, and even if you have showered beforehand, you might be asked to bathe again.

The woman may assist in washing, or the man can handle everything alone; the details vary between establishments.


If the woman accompanies you to the shower room, she will not undress but will provide support for washing.

The shower duration is typically 5-10 minutes. For a 60-minute session, the initial 10 minutes are spent on showering, and the remaining 50 minutes are dedicated to the play and a shower afterward.

5: Regular Massage

Once the shower is complete, the play begins. The woman lays out a bath towel on the bed, and you lie down.

A wholesome massage, generously using oil, initiates the session. Since Japanese Sexual Relaxation service falls under the category of adult entertainment, not all women possess advanced massage techniques.

For those seeking a thorough relaxation experience, choosing establishments with a focus on massage skills is recommended.


The woman conducts the massage while wearing clothes. If you wish to see or touch the woman’s breasts, an additional fee must be paid as an option.

6: Sensual Massage

Starting with foot massage, the woman’s hands gradually explore more sensitive areas. The boundary between touching or not touching the inguinal region continues, and the anticipation might lead to unintentional expressions of excitement.


Enjoy the girl’s techniques while surrendering to pleasure.

After thoroughly enjoying the sensual massage, the final stage approaches. A hand job is performed, concluding the play.

7: Shower

After ejaculation, take another shower. Since washing has already been done before the play, simply rinsing off sweat and oil is sufficient.

While the man showers, the woman tidies up the bed. Until the end of the playtime, converse with the woman while sitting on the sofa.

Of course, there’s no issue if you choose to disperse immediately.


The woman sets a timer before the play begins. The alarm serves as a signal for the end of the play.

Japanese Sexual Relaxation service Rates

The average cost for Japanese Sexual Relaxation service is around ¥35,000 for 90 minutes. Some establishments may charge less than ¥30,000, while others may exceed ¥40,000 for higher-end services.

The ¥35,000 for 90 minutes represents the basic fee. If you add premium options like fellatio or adult toys, the total cost will increase.

The reason for the higher cost lies in the appearance of the women. As Japanese Sexual Relaxation service avoids explicit services compared to Escort or soapland, it attracts a larger number of women.

As a result, there is a tendency for beautiful and young women to gather, justifying the higher prices despite the absence of explicit services.


Some Japanese men find Japanese Sexual Relaxation service more enjoyable than soaplands where sex is available.

They are captivated not only by the beautiful women but also by the teasing play through sensual massage.

Points to Note for Japanese Sexual Relaxation service

Touching women is prohibited

In Japanese Sexual Relaxation service, body touch from men to women is prohibited. If you add the “body touch” option listed in premium services, touching is allowed.

However, in the basic plan, touching the woman can lead to trouble, so be cautious.

Foreigner pricing applies

In Japan’s adult entertainment industry, there is a concept of foreigner pricing. The rates for foreigners are generally ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 higher than those for Japanese customers.

The standard rate for Japanese Sexual Relaxation service, ¥35,000 for 90 minutes, includes the foreigner pricing.

Limited number of establishments

If considering Japanese Sexual Relaxation service, be aware of the limited number of establishments.

While there are numerous options for Japanese customers, only a few establishments are open to foreigners.

If an English page is available, foreigners are likely accepted, but if only a Japanese page exists, there might be a chance of rejection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Japanese Sexual Relaxation service

Are there establishments outside Tokyo?

Japanese Sexual Relaxation service is available outside Tokyo. The areas with a high number of establishments include major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, and Fukuoka.

On the other hand, there may be no establishments in other areas.


There are also storefront-based Japanese Sexual Relaxation service options in Fukuoka and Aichi. It is recommended for those who want to receive services by visiting the establishment instead of having them dispatched to a hotel.

Can more explicit plays be performed with tips?

Adding options through additional payments is possible. However, giving individual tips to the women for requests like kissing or fellatio is prohibited.

If you wish to receive services like fellatio, check the menu during the reservation and add them.

It is not an issue to give tips as a gesture of satisfaction.

Can you ejaculate multiple times within the time frame?

The number of times you can ejaculate is only once. For example, even if you choose a long-duration course like 120 minutes, you can only ejaculate once.

However, there is an exception if you add options. If options like “continuous ejaculation” or “unlimited ejaculation within the time frame” are available, you can enjoy ejaculating more than once.

What is the recommended course duration?

For first-time users of Japanese Sexual Relaxation service, the most recommended course is 60 to 90 minutes.

While it varies by establishment, course durations are typically as follows:

  • 40 minutes
  • 50 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 70 minutes
  • 80 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • 150 minutes

With 40 or 50-minute courses, the time may not be sufficient to fully enjoy regular massage and sensual massage.

If trying it out, opt for a 60 or 70-minute course, and for a more enjoyable experience, choose an 80 or 90-minute course.

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We’ve explained how to enjoy Japanese Sexual Relaxation service and its rates. Although the number of foreigner-friendly adult entertainment establishments is increasing, it is still relatively limited.

Especially for massage-based services like Japanese Sexual Relaxation service, which often target only Japanese customers, the number of establishments is relatively low, even in Tokyo.

Feel free to contact us if you’re having trouble finding an establishment.

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