Review: I Tried Playing with the High-Class Escort “Pianissimo”

*Shiori-chan I played with this time.

In conclusion, my experience at Pianissimo was unforgettable. From the fair, translucent skin to the beautiful hair and slender, feminine curves, everything exceeded the quality of photographs.

I wanted to convey this excitement to the readers, so I decided to write about my experience this time. I also provide explanations about the pricing and reservation process, so please feel free to use it as a reference.

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Basic Information about Pianissimo


The pricing at Pianissimo is ¥80,000 for 60 minutes. The amount varies depending on the lady, increasing as the ladies become higher-level.

The pricing for the lady I played with this time is as follows:

  • 60 minutes: ¥80,000
  • 70 minutes: ¥90,000
  • 90 minutes: ¥110,000


For the first time, I recommend using the 60-minute course. It would be best to extend by 30 minutes if you like the lady.

By the way, the payment is made in cash directly to the lady.

Reservation Process

Reservations can be made via LINE, so you can use it with confidence even if you don’t speak Japanese. The process until the reservation is complete is as follows:

  1. Add LINE
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Receive photos of the ladies
  4. Choose one lady
  5. Learn the price of the lady
  6. If agreed, the reservation is complete

My Experience at Pianissimo!

A friend informed me of a very good high-end escort store, so I decided to use it immediately. I will report from the process of making a reservation the day before the date of use.

Inquire via LINE

An Asian friend informed me that Pianissimo has a LINE contact point, so I decided to add it. Upon sending a LINE, it was immediately read, and I was asked for answers such as age, hotel where I was staying, and date of use.

*Communication available in English.

Upon answering questions like age, I immediately received photos of the girls. They seemed to be the girls who are working on the day I requested.

*Mosaic processing was done by the author. Actually, photos without mosaic were sent.

To be honest, I didn’t have much expectation at first. This is because there are many stores that don’t respond even after sending a LINE, or stores that only respond in Japanese.

I had expected to end up with nothing with a feeling of frustration, but those expectations were overturned.

They replied promptly and willingly responded to sudden requests to use the service tomorrow. So far, I don’t have any distrust, and everything seems to be going smoothly.

Choosing a Lady

They showed me 10 photos, so I chose one from among them. There are many attractive girls, such as those with large busts, slender ones, and those wearing costumes.

Among them, there was a girl I was particularly interested in, so I conveyed that via LINE.

*She is an elegant and slender girl to the author’s liking.

Then, detailed pricing information was sent, so I agreed without hesitation. After that, I confirmed the reservation details, and the communication with the store was completed.

The fact that a Japanese phone number is not required is also a user-friendly point for foreigners.

Meeting the Lady

The next day, about 5 minutes before the scheduled time, I received a message that the lady had arrived. I immediately replied and waited in the room.

Based on the LINE responses, it seemed safe to use, but the quality of the lady was crucial. I felt nervous and excited about whether a lady worthy of ¥80,000 would come.

The doorbell rang, and my tension peaked.

*She is standing on the other side of this door.

The moment I opened the door, I realized that all the anxiety I had felt earlier was unnecessary.

Standing there was a beautiful woman with a gentle smile. She greeted me in English, waving her black, beautiful hair.

She was wearing a knitted dress, and even over the clothes, the smooth lines of her body were visible.


As she passed by me to enter the room, she emitted a sweet fragrance.

Taking a Shower

I invited her into the room and briefly introduced myself. Her name was Shiori, and she mentioned that she works in the beauty industry during the day. Indeed, her skin and hair were well-maintained, and she paid attention to her appearance.

*Feeling good, the author chatted with her while drinking beer.

Remembering that time was limited to 60 minutes, I quickly ended the conversation and headed to the shower. Of course, she seemed to be joining me for a bath, as I was fixated on her removing the dress.

She had a slender body with D-cup breasts, which were perfectly sized and beautifully shaped. She was about 160 cm tall, with slender limbs, and I couldn’t help but admire her.


Blushing, I was cautioned for “staring too much,” and I couldn’t help but feel excited like a teenager.

*The bathroom of a love hotel.

She took my hand as she undressed, and we entered the bathroom together. While showering together, she embraced me from behind.

Her soft breasts pressed against my back, and I instinctively turned to her. She was gazing up at me, and before I knew it, we were kissing.

The timing was perfect, and it made my heart race like never before. It wasn’t a perfunctory kiss but something natural and passionate, gradually intensifying.

I felt so much affection that I even deluded myself into thinking she might like me, with a bittersweetness reminiscent of my youth.

The Play Begins

After she washed my body, we left the bathroom. At this point, I was already unable to contain my excitement, wondering what kind of play awaited us.

*The bed in the love hotel.

We started by embracing each other while still in bathrobes. Even in the dimly lit room, her face was beautiful, and she seemed even more alluring after the bath.

She leaned against me, asking me to undress her. Her gesture was adorable, and I felt compelled to fulfill her request.

As I untied the robe, her well-shaped breasts peeked out. As I buried my face in them, she emitted warm sighs, despite seeming ticklish.

Her lower region was already wet, and every movement of my fingers echoed in the room. Despite her shyness, I found her response to my touch endearing.


Her high sensitivity and the level of wetness, akin to using lotion, thrilled me.

Later, we switched roles, and she demonstrated her skills. Starting with kisses on my upper body, they gradually descended.

This was incredible. Her saliva-drenched tongue was so hot, and as she stroked my intimate parts, it made lewd sounds.

Her tongue and hands moved relentlessly, while her free hand played with my nipples. It was hard not to succumb.

We changed positions multiple times, enjoying her from every angle. With each movement, sweet sounds escaped her, and I finished enveloped in her warmth.

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Extending the Time

At the end of our playtime, there were still 10 minutes left. However, I felt it would be a waste to part ways now, so I paid an additional ¥30,000 for an extra 30 minutes.

The extra charge was hefty, but seeing her happy smile made it worthwhile. Afterward, we filled the bathtub with hot water and enjoyed a leisurely bath together.

*The room felt strangely empty after she left.

This Experience Became Unforgettable Memories

This review covered my experience with the high-class escort service Pianissimo. While I’ve used upscale establishments before, this was the first time I had such a fulfilling experience.

From the staff’s service to the women’s appearance and skills, I had no complaints, feeling like I got more than what I paid for.

If you’re looking for affordability, this might not be the place for you, but if you prioritize the quality of women and satisfaction, I highly recommend giving it a try.

*Tonight, I’m likely to sleep well.

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