How to play in Yoshiwara Soapland? How to choose a bar, the fee system, and whether or not there is a sex play.

In this article, I will explain about Soapland in Yoshiwara.

Soapland is the only place in Japan where one can perform masturbation, and if you go to a high-ranked establishment, you will find that all the girls are cute. The most important thing is that the play technique is very high and you can get pleasure that you cannot experience in other adult entertainment businesses.

In this section, we will explain How to play Yoshiwara soap, the fee system, and how to choose a good brothel, so that even first-timers can use it with satisfaction. In addition, terms such as NS and NN will be explained.

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What is the best way to play Yoshiwara soap?

Yoshihara Soapland is a sex establishment with a brothel

Yoshihara’s soapland offers the real thing. Although Japan has “deli-heru,” in which sex workers are dispatched, and “genre esthetic salons,” which provide sexual massage, both of these services finish with a bare bottom or hand job, and do not lead up to the real performance.
On the other hand, soap operas are certain to go on the stage and are recommended for those who are not satisfied with just nukiing and want to feel the warmth of the girls. Incidentally, we sometimes hear stories of people who lost their virginity at a soapland.

Here are some of the basic activities you can enjoy in a soapland.

Name Content
Soku-Shaku Play As soon as you enter the room, you get a blowjob
Instant Fellatio Insertion as soon as you enter the room
Kuguriwash Men’s genitals and anus can be tortured using a special chair (kuguri chair)
Towel washing Women straddle the man’s arms and thighs and are washed using the pubic area
Periscope The woman gets into the bathtub with the man and is sucked with only her pubic area out of the water
Mat play Attacked with lube on a mat laid out in the bathroom
Six nines Overlapping and licking each other’s pubic area
Masturbation The sex

In addition to the above play, you can also enjoy hugging, kissing, and sucking. You can enjoy all kinds of play like you would do with a lover, and in addition, you can enjoy soap-specific play such as mats and periscopes.

What happens when playing at a Yoshiwara soap

Play at Yoshiwara soaps can be roughly divided into three categories: “bath,” “mat,” and “bed”. First, the body is washed in the bath, and the two of us take a relaxing soak in the hot water.
This is not a simple shower like at a delicatessen, but rather a relaxing experience while communicating with each other.

Next, they are fully penetrated by the mat play, and finally finish in bed. The bath, mat play, and bed play are each performed in a variety of ways, so the sexual excitement gradually increases.

From here on, the flow of how to play will be explained in detail, so readers who are familiar with the flow should skip to the “Yoshiwara Soap Fee System” section.

1: Reservation

When you find a place you like, the first thing to do is to make a reservation. Call the number listed on the store’s homepage and make a reservation.

  1. Name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Date and time of use
  4. Preferred course
  5. Preferred girl

Let’s tell them the following 5 points.

If the girl you want is already booked, you will be offered another date. If you really want that day, tell the staff and choose from the available girls.

If you call about a week in advance, you will have a better chance of getting the girl of your choice. If you call in a week or so early, you will have a better chance of getting the girl you want.


It is also possible to just pop in without a reservation. However, it is not recommended unless you are familiar with the place, because they may not have any cute girls left, or you may end up playing with unsold girls.

2: Call to confirm your reservation

Many soaplands require a reservation confirmation call on the day before or the day of your visit. While this is meant to prevent customers from backsliding, it is also important to make sure to call because the girl’s schedule may change suddenly due to circumstances.

The timing of the call differs from store to store, so please follow the instructions of the staff.

3: Move to the shop

Move to the restaurant in time for your appointment. There are three means of transportation: train, cab, or pick-up.

The author often takes the train, which goes to the nearest station, either Minami Sazumi Station on the JR Joban Line or Minowa Station on the Hibiya Subway Line.

If you wish to use the transportation service, you need to request the staff when you make a reservation. After confirming the course and girls, simply ask for a pick-up service.

When you go to the designated place on the day, you will find a car with the license plate number you were given in advance parked there.


For readers who do not know how to get there, please refer to the article Location and Directions to Yoshiwara Soap.

4: Entering & Checkout

When you enter the restaurant, head to the reception desk and tell the staff that you have a reservation, XX. If you do not have a reservation, you will choose a girl from the panel.

If it is a low-ranked soap store, you will be paid on the spot and taken to a waiting room with sofas lined up. Since you have about 20 minutes to kill before you are called, you can use your phone or TV to kill time or use the restroom.

In mid-range and high-end stores, you will be taken to the waiting room before you pay your bill. As soon as you give your name at the reception desk, you will be guided to the waiting room and pay the bill while sitting on the sofa. The fact that you have to pay in advance is common to all stores.


Yoshiwara soaps often have a shabby appearance, even if they are high-class establishments. Since they have been in business as soaplands for decades, the buildings have become decrepit.

However, most of them have put a lot of effort into their interiors, and once you enter, you will be surrounded by a glittering atmosphere.

6: Leading you to a private room

When you are ready, you will be taken to a private room. In some cases, a staff member will call for you and pass you on the way to the girl, while in other cases, the girl may be waiting for you in the private room.

In some high-end establishments, the girl may even come to the waiting room to pick you up. In this case, it is quite exciting because some girls intertwine their fingers with yours or kiss you in the elevator while you are on the way.

Once in the room, they greet each other and chat, and then play begins.

7: Bath

When it is time to take a bath, the girl will help you take off your clothes. The girls will lead you through the entire process from washing to bathing, so if you are not familiar with the procedure, don’t worry.

The “Kuguriwash” using a kuguri chair and “Tawashiwash” in which both bodies are placed in close contact. ” and “Tawashi washing” in which both bodies are closely connected, and finally taking a bath.

The bathtub is already filled with hot water and is large enough for two people to relax in. While bathing, the guests are entertained with a “periscope” blowjob, and always have a stimulating timeZo.



If the store has a quick and immediate shaku, you can move on to play as soon as you enter the room.

Usually, the process is “bath -> mat (first round) -> bed (second round),” but in high-end establishments that offer the immediate play, you can enjoy “bed (first round) -> bath -> mat (second round) -> bed (third round)“.

8: Mat Play

Once the bathing is over, the mat play begins. A special mat is laid out in the bathroom, on which the woman lies on her stomach.

The man is covered with a lot of lotion, and the girl uses her body to demonstrate her matting skills. The feeling of slipperiness is incomparable to saliva, and the girl’s technique stimulates him to the utmost limit.

The girls will take you to the limit with their techniques, and you can finish with a blowjob and penetration.


Since the girl leads the way on the mat, insertion is also mainly in the cowgirl position. Even if you are new to soaps or sexual intercourse, you can feel comfortable and at ease.

Incidentally, if you move too much, you may slip and slide, so when you want to change positions, ask the girl before you do so.

Mat play is one of the best parts of soapland, but mat play is often omitted in budget stores or in courses with play time of 60 minutes or less.

Readers who want to be sure to experience it are advised to choose a mid-level or above store or a course of more than 60 minutes, and to confirm at the time of reservation just to be sure.

9: Rest

When the mat play is over, the dancer lightly rinses off the lotion and sweat, and leaves the bathroom. You can start the next play right away, but often you will take a break while chatting.

Some establishments will offer drinks, so you can enjoy a glass of juice or other beverages while you wait for your feelings to build up again.

10: Bed play

When your son is feeling energetic, bed play begins. While the girl took the lead in mat play, the attraction of bed play is that the man can be fully aggressive.

From basic play such as kissing and sucking, to “six-nine” and various positions where you can lick each other’s genitals, you can enjoy a variety of positions.

11: Shower

When all the play is over, the girls often take a shower to wash off the sweat. The girl will wash every inch of you, wipe you down, and hand you your clothes.

You will shower about 15 minutes before the end of the course and prepare to leave the room when the time comes.

Incidentally, a timer is set as the course begins, and you will leave the room as soon as the alarm goes off.

11: Exit

When you leave, the girls will see you off. There are two types of farewells: one where the girl walks you out to the front of the room, and the other where she escorts you to the first floor, but this depends on the restaurant.

Since the fee is paid in advance, you can go home as is after leaving the room. If you are using a pick-up service, you can wait in the waiting room and the staff will call you as soon as they are ready.

What is the fee system of Yoshiwara Soap?

Prices range from 20,000 yen to 100,000 yen

The fee for Yoshiwara soaps is 20,000 yen to 100,000 yen. The fee system for soaps is a bit complicated; the total amount is the sum of the “bathing fee” and the “service fee.

For example, if the bathing fee is 20,000 yen at a high-class establishment, the service fee is 40,000 yen.

Bathing fee Service Charge Total amount
20,000 yen 40,000 yen 60,000 yen

In many cases, only the bathing fee is listed on the store’s website, so you will have to check the details of the fee online or directly with the store.

Please be careful not to make a decision based solely on the bathing fee, as you may end up with a painful experience.

Amounts vary according to rank and course

The price of Yoshiwara soap varies depending on the rank of the establishment and the course time. The higher the rank of the establishment, the higher the quality of the cast and the higher the fee accordingly.

In addition, since the playing techniques and affection are different, those who want to obtain the highest level of pleasure and enjoy lover’s play Recommended are recommended to go to high-end stores. Please refer to the following table for the ranks of the stores.

Rank Fees
Low-cost shop ~25,000 yen
Popular stores 25,000-35,000 yen
Middle class shop 35,000-50,000 yen
Luxury shops 50,000-80,000 yen
Super high-end shop 80,000-100,000 yen or more

The amount also varies depending on the course time. If it is your first time at a restaurant and you are not sure which course is best for you, see how it goes with standard is a good idea.


Course duration depends on the rank of the store. Most of the mass stores offer short courses of 60 minutes or less, while high-end stores offer long courses of around 120 minutes.

Please note that high-end stores rarely offer courses of 100 minutes or less.

How to choose a Yoshiwara soap store?

Choose the rank that fits your budget

The first is “Select according to your budget. Even if it is called “soapland,” there is a difference of 80,000 yen or more between a low-priced and a super-luxury establishment.
It is recommended that you decide on a budget in advance and choose a place that is suitable for the amount of money you have.

Selecting by the type of store and girls

Selection by lineage of store and girls is also possible. Yoshiwara soaps offer a variety of concepts, such as married women, amateurs, lolitas, and sissies.
If you want to feel the sexiness of an adult, choose an older lady or a mature woman, and if you want to play with young and cute girls, choose a Lolita or a younger sister type.

Selection by S-suit, NS, and NN

The third is to choose by “S-Clothes, NS, NN”. S-wear, NS, and NN” is a cloaked term referring to the presence or absence of contraceptives, and indicates the ability to insert a woman without a rubber or to have her cum live.

Covert term Meaning
S clothes with contraceptives
NS No contraceptive + outside
NN No contraceptives + live cum inside

The more upscale the establishment, the more NS/NN girls there are, and there are also “mixed establishments” where S-suits, NS, and NN girls are mixed together.

[MEMO title=”MEMO”]

Since the store cannot say in a big way, “You can get laid without a rubber!” The enrollment list on the homepage is crafted.

If some girls have a marker next to their name and some do not, or if their names are separated into kanji and hiragana, you can tell that they are a mix of S- and NS/NN girls. [/memo]

Precautions when playing in Yoshiwara Soap

Don’t be fooled by panemajigs

Panemaj” is a common practice in Yoshiwara soap operas. It is an abbreviation for “panel magic,” which means that the photos posted on a website are deceptive.

The publicity photos are manipulated, and when you meet them in person, they may not look as pretty as a different person. In other cases, the face may not have changed that much, but the body shape may be completely different.

In order to prevent panemage, it is important to use

  • Choose a high-end shop
  • Choose a girl with a full-body photo
  • Go back to the photo diary

There are three ways to do this.

If you choose a high-class establishment, you can play with girls who are better than the ones on the panel, which is a quick and easy way to get in touch with them, but some people may be hard pressed for money. In such cases, look at the girl’s full-body photo.

If she is covering her waist with something or sitting in gymnastics, she may be fat. Also, if the background or hair is distorted, the photo has been altered, so it is best to avoid it.

Compare their photo diaries with their publicity photos, or refer to word-of-mouth to make your own judgment.

Considering Yoshihara’s age

The second point to consider is Yoshihara age. This is the age used by girls working in Yoshiwara soaps, and is set at a maximum of 10 years older.
For example, if a girl is listed as 23 years old on her website, her actual age is often between 27 and 29 years old.

Click here to see the difference between actual age and Yoshihara’s age.

Actual age Yoshihara age
~20 years old 20 years old
21-23 years old 21 years old
24-26 years old</td 22 years old
27-29 years old</td 23 years old
30-32 years old</td 24 years old
33-35 years old</td 25 years old

Since many of the girls have looks that match their Yoshiwara age, we recommend that you choose based on their looks, not on their stated age.

Possible transmission of STDs

The third caution is transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Unlike other adult entertainment businesses, the infection rate of sexually transmitted diseases naturally increases because the sex act is allowed.
In particular, since NS and NN involve contact between mucous membranes, those who are concerned should wear contraceptives.


Some low-priced establishments have sloppy management of their girls. It is not recommended to practice NS/NN at low-priced or mass-priced stores because of their low prices.

Free should be avoided as much as possible

The fourth point to keep in mind is that free nomination may result in a girl who is not a good choice. Free nomination” means that you leave the choice of girls to the store, and unlike nomination, you may not always get the girl of your choice.
Although it is cheaper because there is no nomination fee, you are often assigned a girl who is unsold because she is not cute or not very friendly.

The risk is low if you have used the establishment many times or if it is a high-class establishment where the overall level is high, but if it is your first time using the establishment or if it is a budget or mid-range establishment, it is better to nominate a girl.

Yoshihara soap can be enjoyed even by beginners

In this article, we explained how to play Yoshiwara Soap and its fees. In addition to being able to perform the masturbation act, Yoshihara soaps also offer unique soap games such as mat play and periscope.
For first-time visitors and those who want to lose their virginity, we recommend high-class establishments. They have exceptional looks and techniques, and even if you are not familiar with them, they will gently lead you around.

There are about 150 soaplands in Yoshiwara, so please find the one that suits you best. I wish you a wonderful time. Adios!



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