5 best soapland in Nakasu (Fukuoka)|Foreigners OK

* Nakasu is lined with night stores. (Photo by reader)

There are about 60 soaplands operating in Nakasu (Fukuoka). Of these, only about 15 are open to foreigners.

Here we introduce some of the recommended soaplands in Nakasu (Fukuoka). We also introduce how to get to the soapland and where you can have live sex, so please refer to them.

If you want to know more about soapland, check out the article that explains the prices and how to play soapland.

Characteristics of Nakasu (Fukuoka) Soapland

The market price is 40,000 yen for 60 minutes

The market price of soapland in Nakasu is about 40,000 yen for 60 minutes. There is a wide range of price ranges from budget to high-end, and inexpensive stores can be enjoyed for less than 30,000 yen for 60 minutes.

*Prices listed here are Japanese prices.

However, the quality of the girls is lower, so those who want to play with beautiful girls are recommended to go to high-class stores. High-class stores have discontinued 50- to 80-minute courses, and the shortest course is often 100 minutes.

The market price for a high-class store would be about 100,000 yen for 100 minutes. Of course, there are many stores that charge more than 100,000 yen, for example, label labate, which will be introduced later, charges 115,000 yen for 100 minutes.

Some places offer raw sex

There are also a certain number of soapland establishments in Nakasu that offer raw sex. For those open to foreigners, NEW KIHINSHITSU are among those that allow raw sex.

However, not all girls are available for raw sex.

It is important to check in advance because there is a mix of girls who wear rubbers and girls who can have raw sex in the same store.

How to get to Nakasu (Fukuoka) Soapland

Fukuoka’s soaplands are clustered in the Nakasu area.

*There are three stores operating in this building alone. (Photo by reader)

More than 60 soaplands are operating in the area where the red pin in the image below is pierced.

*There is a soapland in Akapin.

For those who want to see what the soapland district looks like, the following video is helpful.

There are three ways to get from Hakata Station: subway, cab, or on foot. If on foot, you will need to walk about 1 km (about 16 minutes), so we recommend taking the subway or a cab.

Transfer Time Fare
Subway 4 minutes 210 yen
Taxi 6 minutes 1,200 yen
Walking 16 minutes 0 yen

If you are heading there by subway, get off at Kushida Shinja-mae Station on the Subway Nanakuma Line. Then walk about 200 meters (about 3 minutes) to Nakasu Soapland.

*1 minute subway + 3 minutes walk for a total of 4 minutes.

If you want to head there smoothly, we recommend taking a cab. Although more expensive than other means of transportation, it is hassle-free, as all you have to do is go to the cab stand at Hakata Station.


There are two cab stands at Hakata Station. The Chikushi Exit cab stand is located on the opposite side of the exit from Nakasu, so we recommend taking a cab from the Hakata Exit cab stand.

If you are taking a cab, show the following address to the driver.


The address above is the entrance to the area where the soapland is located. Please enter from there and find a place you are interested in.

5 best soapland in Nakasu (Fukuoka)


When you’re unsure which store to choose, please contact Kenny on LINE. I will suggest the perfect store for you.

For inquiries other than Line, please click here.



Store Name Price Foreigner Usage Rubber Card Payment
Orgel 25,000 yen for 80 minutes

(*Japanese price)

ROYAL FACE 70min 52,800yen

(*Foreign Price)

BUNNY COLLECTION 80 min38,000 yen

(*Foreign Price)

Worn ×


Orgel is an 80-minute soapland that charges 25,000 yen. Compared to other establishments in Nakasu, the price is a little lower.

The number of staff members is not that many, around 25. Since it is a long-established establishment that has been in business for a long time, you can receive full-fledged service for the price.

The main members are married women and MILFs, and you can enjoy the company of married women in their mid-20s and MILFs in their late 30s, so it is recommended for those who want to play with women who are calm and relaxed.

Fees 25,000 yen for 80 minutes / 30,000 yen for 100 minutes / 35,000 yen for 120 minutes

(*Japanese price)

Foreigner Use
Rubber Worn
Business Hours 8:00 – 24:00
Address 1-5-1 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
contact information https://line.me/ti/p/yiGdH21524
Telephone Number 092-271-6815


ROYAL FACE is a 50-minute soapland priced at 40,700 yen, where only sexy women around 25 years old are gathered and their appearance level is high.

It is an affiliate of a nationally operating group, and it is thought that its high name recognition makes it easy to attract female cast members.

The staff ranges from older ladies who have been in the industry for a long time to girls with no experience at all, so it is easy to find a girl to suit your taste.

The price is higher than the market price, but it is recommended for those who are looking for high-level women.

Fees 50min 40,700yen / 70min 52,800yen / 100min 64,900yen

(*Foreign Price)

Foreigner Use
Rubber Worn
Pay by card VISA / JCB / MASTER
Opening Hours 10:00~24:00
Address PARACITY Hakata Bldg. 4F, 1-8-11 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
contact information https://line.me/ti/p/yiGdH21524
Telephone Number 092-263-7799


BUNNY COLLECTION is a new type of soapland where you will be greeted by girls dressed in bunny girl costumes. The cute ears on her head and the sexy combination of black leotard and net tights will make your heart flutter.


The bunny costumes are more effective because the girls are all young, in their early 20s.

Another feature of this bar is that, unusually for a soapland in Nakasu, it offers a short 45-minute course, which costs 26,000 yen for 45 minutes, and is recommended for those who want a quick and low-cost night out.

Fee 26,000 yen for 45 minutes / 33,000 yen for 60 minutes
38,000 yen for 80 minutes / 43,000 yen for 100 minutes(*Foreign Price)
Foreigner Use
Rubber Worn
Pay by Card ×
Opening Hours 9:00 – 23:59
Address 3F-4F Nakasu Daini Building, 1-3-2 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
contact information https://line.me/ti/p/yiGdH21524
Telephone Number 092-291-6151

Soapland in Nakasu can be enjoyed by foreigners

In this issue, we introduced soaplands in Nakasu. Nakasu has always been an area that is tolerant of foreigners and has accepted non-Japanese tourists since before Corona spread.

Therefore, compared to soaplands in other prefectures, it is an area where foreigners can easily play.

Some of the soaplands introduced here include places where you can enjoy live sex, so please visit them.

*Please enjoy the night in Fukuoka! (Photo by reader)



The basic fee for Bunny Collections is much more higher than the website stated fee.
The 60 minutes session is 32000yen instead of the 23000yen as stated in the website


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