Report: I went to GBGW, an event where popular sex workers gather!

*The lively atmosphere of the venue. (Photo permission granted)

On April 27th, in Ginza, the adult entertainment event “GBGW! 40 Star Princesses with Impossible Reservations Gather! Customer Appreciation Festival!” was held.

Popular adult entertainers from various establishments gathered, making it the first big event post-COVID. This article introduces the event’s content and impressions.

What is “GBGW?”

Overview of the Event

“GBGW! 40 Star Princesses with Impossible Reservations Gather! Customer Appreciation Festival!” is an erotic event where 40 popular adult entertainers with impossible reservations come together.

Girls from popular escort stores in Shinjuku and traditional soaplands in Yoshiwara gathered, entertaining around 500 spectators with talk segments and performances using their busts.

In Japanese adult entertainment, it’s common to choose based on photos, so the opportunity to see the girls in person before engaging is rare.

Moreover, these are popular entertainers who are usually inaccessible. With glamorous girls and a fulfilling event lineup, it was enjoyable until the end. For more detailed information about the event, it’s summarized in the following article.

2024.04.27 (Sat)|A large scale event where popular Japanese sex workers gather will be held.

About the Organizers

The event was organized by Kakubutsu Division, which operates the foreigner-oriented adult entertainment concierge service “Japanese HENTAI girls collection.

*Japanese HENTAI girls collection official website.

Affiliated with the major adult content distribution company Soft On Demand, they support adult entertainment enthusiasts both domestically and internationally.

Hosting such a large-scale erotic event was an unknown world for the author. However, based on the experience of enjoying cute girls through “Japanese HENTAI girls collection,” anticipation rather than anxiety filled the author as they approached the event day.

*The girl with whom the author played.

For those interested in Japanese HENTAI girls collection, check out my experience.


Report on “GBGW”


The event venue is a certain club in Ginza.

*Ginza is an elegant area evoking a sense of sophistication.

When it comes to adult entertainment establishments, there’s often a dark image associated with them, so I was slightly surprised that this event was being held in Ginza. Along with that surprise came a slight apprehension about what the atmosphere inside the venue would be like.

However, it was quite the opposite of what I imagined. Upon entering, lively music filled the air, and the venue was already bustling with guests. With people gathering who share similar interests, there was an overall sense of unity, akin to a festive atmosphere.

Inside the club, there were booth seats and counter seats, with a stage at the front. Behind the stage, a large screen was set up, showing consideration for the audience at the back.


After entering the venue, the event began after a while. It started with greetings from the MC, a popular comedian, and AV actresses, followed by the girls taking the stage.

The sound system and other equipment were well-prepared, creating a lively atmosphere akin to a live performance. I was impressed; indeed, it’s an event handled by a major corporation.

*Popular Japanese comedians & AV actresses (Photo permission granted)

I was particularly excited about the entrance scene of the popular adult entertainers. There were girls dressed in school uniforms, dresses, and bikinis, each overflowing with unique charm.

Although my seat was slightly away from the stage, even from this distance, their lively bodies and well-defined faces caught my eye, making me very excited.


Some famous adult entertainers whom even I recognized appeared, and I felt joy seeing them live.

Queen of Breasts Competition

The first event was the “Queen of Breasts Competition.” It’s a competition to determine the industry’s best busts by competing in steps counted by pedometers sandwiched between their breasts or by raising the temperature with thermometers.

They wore revealing bikinis and fiercely competed while shaking their proud chests. It turned out to be unexpectedly exciting.

*Girls striving in bikinis (Photo permission granted)

Every time they shook their chests vigorously with pedometers between them, you could hear the deep cheers of men from the audience. They were rubbing their chests as if to stimulate, and I couldn’t help but imagine how pleasurable it must be to be sandwiched there.

*Scene from the competition (Photo permission granted)

Quiz Time

Next was the “Quiz Time.” Of course, it wasn’t just any quiz. The girls answered explicit questions submitted by participants beforehand, and the audience guessed the majority’s answer.

*Photo permission granted

There were some provocative quizzes about fetishes and activities, and before I knew it, I found myself smiling. The girls shyly answering the questions were also adorable.


Next up was the game show. The first one featured girls hanging from a pull-up bar while the audience played pranks on them.

Selected audience members mercilessly tickled the girls, who were defenseless with their hands up. On the large screen, the sight of voluptuous girls squirming was quite sensual.


Unfortunately, the author wasn’t chosen. I envied the audience members who could join the girls on stage.

Next came the “Human Chair Grabbing Game.” In this dream-like game, the audience became chairs, and the girls competed to sit on them.

The girls eagerly scrambled to sit on the backs of male audience members who were on all fours. Even the men serving as chairs seemed delighted, perhaps feeling the warmth of the girls’ backs, and the proximity between the girls and the audience was closer than imagined, allowing for a firsthand experience of expressions and gestures rarely seen.

Distribution of Discount Coupons

The final segment was the distribution of discount coupons. I also acquired multiple discount coupons, including ones for first-time use and free designation fees.

According to the official website, a total of 10 million yen worth of discount coupons were issued, showing how various adult entertainment establishments are collectively working to liven up the industry.

*Souvenirs received at the event.

In addition to discount coupons, there were also lots of souvenirs such as lotion, condoms, and pamphlets. It seems like I’ll be able to enjoy the adult entertainment life affordably for a while.

Impressions of the Event

Through the approximately three-hour event, I felt the changes in Japan’s adult entertainment scene. Although I have been living in Japan for a long time, my impression of adult entertainment has changed significantly from the past to the present.

About 15 years ago, the image of adult entertainment was often associated with “illegal and dimly lit” establishments. However, in recent years, the number of clean establishments has increased, and adult entertainment has become a widely accepted form of entertainment that anyone can enjoy casually.

This event was a perfect representation of that.


The quality of the girls is also improving year by year, indicating that there will be even more enjoyable times ahead in the adult entertainment industry.

The Future of Japanese Adult Entertainment Looks Bright

This time, I participated in the “GBGW! 40 Star Princesses with Impossible Reservations Gather! Customer Appreciation Festival!” hosted by the Kakubutsu Division. Opportunities like seeing a large number of popular adult entertainers live are not likely to come again.

Furthermore, it was rewarding to reaffirm the excitement in Japan’s adult entertainment industry. With services targeting foreigners such as “Japanese HENTAI girls collection” leading the way, it’s likely that enjoyment will be available to not only Japanese but also people from around the world in the future.

I’m praying for wonderful nights in Japan.

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