2024.04.27 (Sat)|A large scale event where popular Japanese sex workers gather will be held.

When it comes to “Japanese customs,” some may perceive it as illegal and shady. However, Japanese customs are brighter and more transparent than you might imagine.

An event to prove this will be held on Saturday, April 27th. It’s a large-scale event where popular customs ladies, who are difficult to reserve, gather, transcending the boundaries of their shops.

This article explains the details of “GBGW! Difficult to reserve 40-star princesses assembly! Customer Appreciation Festival!“.

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What is the Kakubutsu Business Division, the organizer?

The customs event being held this time is organized by the Kakubutsu Business Division belonging to Soft On Demand Corporation. Soft On Demand Corporation is a major adult content distribution company that everyone interested in customs knows.


It’s an event handled by a major company, so they’re likely able to gather famous customs ladies from various shops.

The reason the author became interested in this event is related to Soft On Demand Corporation. This company operates a “Japanese HENTAI girls collection,” a concierge service for foreigners interested in customs.

*Japanese HENTAI girls collection official site.

After trying it myself, they showed me photos of girls on LINE and all reservations were completed online.

Despite the affordable price of ¥31,000 for 60 minutes, I was able to spend time with a slender F-cup beauty.

*Girl I played with.

If you want to know more about this service, please refer to my experience.


Because I experienced the provision of reliable service, I became interested in the event as well.

What is “GBGW! Difficult to reserve 40-star princesses assembly! Customer Appreciation Festival!”?

The event being held this time is called “GBGW! Difficult to reserve 40-star princesses assembly! Customer Appreciation Festival!“. Popular girls from many famous customs shops, 40 in total, will be gathered.

Details are available here.

  • Date and Time: April 27, 2024, 14:30 – 17:30 (Doors open at 14:00)
  • Venue: Somewhere in Ginza
  • Ticket Prices: Free Members ¥10,800 / Light Members ¥9,800 / Premium Members ¥8,800
  • Participating Shops: Gingira Tokyo, TOKYO BUNNYS CLUB, E+ Shinagawa Store, EXE, Mizuiro Ribbon, BLEND A V.I.P Tokyo Store, and many other high-end shops from Yoshiwara, etc.!

The venue in Ginza will be rented out, allowing you to see famous ladies live with over 500 spectators. The event features various activities including talk corners, showtime by the girls, and PR corners, among others.

Additionally, popular comedians and AV actresses have been invited as special MCs, adding to the excitement.

What Makes the Event Appealing?

Appeal 1: Viewing 40 Popular Customs Ladies Live

The first appeal is being able to view 40 popular customs ladies live. In Japanese customs stores, to protect the privacy of women, mosaics are often applied to parts of their face photos.

Of course, the presence of mosaics doesn’t mean the quality of the girls is inferior. However, some may find it difficult to use due to parts like the mouth and eyes being concealed, leading to concerns about differences between reality and photos.

At this event, you can see the real faces of the women up close. Furthermore, you can view popular girls from multiple shops at once, allowing you to choose your favorite.


This event is especially recommended for those worried about panel scams.

Appeal 2: Distribution of Customs Discount Coupons to All Participants

The second appeal is that customs discount coupons will be distributed to all participants. Participating customs shops cooperate, issuing a total of over 10 million yen worth of discount coupons.

This is a perfect gift for those planning to enjoy Japanese customs in the future.

Appeal 3: Spectacular Showtime

The third appeal is the spectacular showtime by popular customs ladies. At the beginning of the event, there’s a planned “Queen of Boobs Contest” to determine the industry’s top boobs, where they compete using their proud assets.

Other shows include interactions between girls and the audience, such as playful acts by the girls towards the audience and a “human chair-taking game” where girls compete to take away audience members disguised as chairs.

Selected audience members can go up on stage, allowing them to feel the warmth and fragrance of the girls up close.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Event

Can Foreigners Participate?

“GBGW! Difficult to reserve 40-star princesses assembly! Customer Appreciation Festival!” is open to foreigners as long as they purchase tickets.

However, please note that a phone number usable in Japan is required to purchase tickets.

Purchase Tickets Here


As of April 18, VIP seats are sold out. Since the remaining tickets are also first-come, first-served, we recommend applying early for those interested.

By the way, the concierge service “Japanese HENTAI girls collection” mentioned earlier can be used even without a phone number usable in Japan.

Although they ask for a number, you won’t actually receive a call; everything is handled through LINE.

*Exchange via LINE.

Will there be same-day tickets available?

Same-day tickets are planned to be sold in limited quantities. For those who couldn’t apply for tickets in advance, seeking same-day tickets is also an option.

Is it allowed to take photos inside the venue?

Taking photos or videos inside the venue is prohibited. Additionally, the use of binoculars with photography capabilities is also prohibited.

Some might worry about not getting a good view of the girls due to the size of the venue, but rest assured. Giant monitors will be installed, allowing even those seated in the back to fully enjoy viewing the girls.

Exclusive Gathering of Popular Customs Ladies!

This time, we introduced the “GBGW! Difficult to reserve 40-star princesses assembly! Customer Appreciation Festival!” to be held on 4/27. It’s been several years since such a large-scale customs event has been held in Japan.

Popular customs ladies, famous comedians, and AV actresses will all gather, and it’s expected to be quite lively. Of course, the author will also be attending.

For those who want to see each shop’s proud customs ladies live or experience the excitement of Japan’s customs industry, we definitely recommend joining in.

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