※The woman who entertained me greatly this time.

In recent years, there has been an increase in establishments in Japan’s escort and soapland industries that welcome foreigners. Many may be struggling to choose where to go without falling victim to scams and to have a good time with charming women.

This time, I infiltrated the JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION, rumored to be a high-quality service for foreigners. Please refer to my summary of fees, ways to play, and my own experiences.



JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION is a brothel introduction service exclusively for foreigners. It covers standard activities such as escort and soapland, as well as adult massages and BDSM services.

With a large number of registered women and a wide variety of services, you can choose foreigner-friendly women from a wide range of options such as escort and soapland.

Furthermore, one of the great attractions of JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION is the specialized guidance provided by concierges. Various contact methods are available, and each contact point has staff who can speak English.


It could be said to be a perfect service for those who are struggling with communication due to not speaking Japanese.



Prices for JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION vary depending on the chosen service type and woman.

Let’s take a look at the price for choosing an escort as an example. One woman is listed at ¥23,000 for 60 minutes, while another is listed at ¥30,000 for 60 minutes.

As prices vary depending on the chosen woman, you can freely choose according to your budget.

Since fees are displayed on each girl’s individual page as shown in the following image, it’s easy for foreigners to understand and use with confidence.

※Optional fees and play fees for a certain girl.

The above images show playing fees and optional fees.JHGC service fee is required separately and will be added to the total amount.

How to Play

If you want to play using JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION, you first need to contact a concierge.

See below for the detailed procedure for playing.

  2. Open the “Consult with concierge” page
  3. Contact the concierge via LINE or other means
  4. Enter information into the reservation form as per the message
  5. Receive a list of women from the concierge
  6. Select the woman you want to play with
  7. Confirm the fees and agree to the consent form
  8. Receive a message confirming the reservation on the day
  9. The woman arrives at the hotel
    *If you are using a soapland, you must go to the store.
  10. Pay the fees
  11. Start playing with the woman
  12. The woman returns home


Here are the firsthand experiences of using JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION. From inquiries on LINE to playing with women, I will detail the process.

If you want to see scenes from meeting women face-to-face, please tap “Meeting the Women“.

Inquiring on LINE

I decided to try playing with JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION right away. Since the reservation method was mentioned on the official website, I followed the instructions and made a reservation.

First, I tapped “Consult with concierge” and moved to the contact page.

※Tapping “Consult with concierge”

Since I wanted to make a reservation via LINE this time, I tapped the LINE icon and added them as a friend.


I received a message immediately after adding as a friend. This marks the start of communication with the concierge. It seems user-friendly even for those with limited time, as I got a quick response.

※Contents of the messages with JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION

When I conveyed that I wanted to make a reservation, I was instructed to fill out a dedicated form.

The form includes fields such as name, phone number, age, desired date of use, and preferences for women. Fill them out and submit the form to complete the process.


Although there is a field to enter a phone number, it’s okay to input a non-Japanese phone number. Please input the phone number of the smartphone you have at hand.

I informed them that I submitted the form via LINE, and I received a message asking me to wait as they would pick up several women.

By the way, my request was for “a woman with a good figure and beautiful appearance.” I was excited to see which woman they would choose for me.

Choosing a Woman

Shortly after receiving the message to “pick up women,” I immediately received a list of women from JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION. There were five women listed, and I could view their photos and prices.


I could choose with peace of mind since photos of the women and their prices were sent together.

From the photos, all of them had great figures and were beautiful, just as I like. In the end, although I hesitated between two women, I decided to nominate one after seeing the letters “F-cup” written on her profile.

※Reporting the decision of which woman to play with via LINE.

When I asked about playing with her, I received a response stating that I could play with her for ¥31,000 for 60 minutes, so I agreed.


31,000 yen is the total price including nomination fee and JHGC service fee.

Afterward, I received a consent form from the concierge, so I agreed.Finally, there was confirmation of the reservation date and time, and the reservation was completed.

By the way, I heard that her name is Emily. Her long, slender legs stretch out beneath her plump breasts, a style I really like. I can’t wait for the day of the event.

*Photo of Emily

Heading to the Love Hotel

This time, I’m using a love hotel. Since the reservation was for 19:00, I decided to head to the hotel a little early. The hotel I used is “Hotel Sulata” located in the heart of Shibuya.

※Exterior of the love hotel

The inside of the building is very clean, and the interior is beautiful. Near the front desk, there is a large touch panel screen where you select your room.

※Large touch panel

Since there’s no need to communicate with staff, it should be easy to use even for those who don’t speak Japanese. Afterward, I received the key card and headed to the room.

Upon entering the room, I contacted JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION. I received a response soon, so I waited for her.

Being the first time using such a service, I felt a bit excited but also a little anxious.

Meeting the Woman

After waiting for a few minutes, there was a knock on the door of the room. When I opened the door, there was a man standing there. He seemed to be from JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION, and there appeared to be a woman behind the open door.

※List of prohibitions

After agreeing to this, I finally met the woman. To be honest, I was surprised. It was because she exceeded my expectations in terms of quality.

With a slender figure extending from her miniskirt, she greeted me with a sparkling smile. Of course, in English. The quality was so high that I couldn’t believe it was only ¥31,000 for 60 minutes, so I even asked her to confirm the price.

I immediately invited her into the room, and we communicated to get to know each other.

※I relaxed over a beer and enjoyed her conversation.

Her English wasn’t perfect, but there was no problem communicating. Sometimes, with gestures, she earnestly spoke English, which was endearing.

Taking a Shower

Since there was only a 60-minute window, I wrapped up the conversation and headed to the shower. Of course, she joined me in the bath.

With a towel wrapped around her moderately toned body, she headed to the shower room. I followed her back and headed to the shower room as well.

※She’s heading to the shower room

Starting the Play

I came out of the shower room first and waited for her to cool down her heated body. However, when I saw the clothes she discarded, my excitement accelerated even more.

※Her clothes and underwear

She came out of the shower room, took my hand, and we moved to the bed. If I were to describe her play in one word, it would be “intimate.”

It wasn’t the usual type of play; each gesture felt like that of a lover. Gestures like staring into my eyes before kissing, or looking at me with an upward glance while licking, were simply exquisite.

As she kissed me passionately and touched my lower abdomen, I gradually couldn’t resist. Her face then moved down, and she enveloped my sensitive area with her tongue.


It wasn’t the typical service-like play of an escort, but rather, it was a play that made me excited about what would happen next.

She seemed to be training at the gym, which earned her high praise for being slender yet well-toned. Stimulated by her soft, plump skin, I found myself burying my face in her F-cup bust.

Parting Ways

Time passes so quickly within 60 minutes. In the blink of an eye, it was time to part ways with her, leaving with a smile on my face. The room felt much darker without her presence, given the wonderful time she had provided.

*made up my mind to specifically request her next time and left the room.

She mentioned having many repeat customers when I talked to her. I completely understand why.


By the way, the love hotel I used this time is located in the heart of Shibuya, with several nightclubs operating nearby.

There are many foreigners around, so they might also be using the love hotel after clubbing.

Frequently Asked Questions about JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION

Are there women who can speak English?

Yes, there are women who can speak English. In fact, the woman I used this time communicated with me in English, albeit broken.

What was most pleasing was how friendly she was to foreigners. Her English level isn’t perfect, but she made a full effort to communicate with me.

Is it possible to add options?

Yes, it’s possible. There are various options available, such as using adult toys and finishing in the mouth. However, the options available may vary depending on the woman, so be sure to check beforehand.

What should I do if I can’t bring a woman to my hotel?

If you can’t bring a woman to your hotel, you can solve the problem by using a love hotel. A love hotel is a hotel prepared for both men and women.

Equipped with large beds and shower rooms, it can be used for short periods of 2 to 3 hours.

*Bedroom in a love hotel

If you want to know how to use a love hotel, refer to the article “Japanese Love Hotels“.

Love Hotels in Japan: Prices and Reservation Methods


This time, I played with a woman using JAPANESE HENTAI GIRLS COLLECTION. It’s a convenient service that allows you to book online without speaking Japanese.

Above all, I was amazed by the quality of the women. Not only were they physically attractive, but they also had a rich spirit of service, making it natural to smile when with them.

They provided such a wonderful time that I want to use the service again soon.

*Thank you, Shibuya


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