Review: Playing at Tokyo Amateur Escort

※This time, I played with Setuna-chan (18 years old)

I discovered a high-quality escort store in the mid-price range. The store’s name is “Tokyo Amateur Escort”.

As the name suggests, “Amateur”, I was able to play with a girl who just started working in the sex industry at the age of 18. She was charming, and I enjoyed a fulfilling time.

This article summarizes how to play at Tokyo Amateur Escort and honest impressions. If you want to have fun while keeping costs down, be sure to check it out.

Recommended for people like this
  • People who want to play with cute girls while keeping their budget down
  • People who want to play with honest Japanese people aged 18 to 25
  • People who do not have a phone number that can be used in Japan

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What is Tokyo Amateur Escort?

Tokyo Amateur Escort is an escort store based in Shibuya. Only Japanese people under 25 years old are enrolled, and they are tolerant of foreigners who do not speak Japanese.


It can be reserved on LINE, so even those who do not have a phone number that can be used in Japan can rest assured.

※Official website of the store. Some courses allow for 3P.

There are two ways to play at this store. One is similar to the usual outcall play, where you call the girl to your hotel.

The second is to go to the store in Shibuya and play at a love hotel nearby.

The play fee for both is under 40,000 yen for 65 minutes. If you call a girl to a hotel, transportation costs for the girl will be added, so if you want to save money, it is recommended to go to the store in Shibuya and play.

Review of Tokyo Amateur Escort

This time, the author went directly to the store in Shibuya. I had some business around Shibuya and decided to use it because I suddenly had some time.

I’ll review from the reservation on LINE.

Reserve on LINE

Amateur Escort accepts reservations on LINE.

※Amateur Escort’s LINE.

When I added LINE and sent a message, I got a reply within 5 minutes. I contacted the store after 15:00 and was able to make a reservation from 17:00. Since I was able to make a reservation smoothly even a few hours before using it, there must be a large number of girls available.

By the way, on LINE, they sent me photos of the girls who are working today.

※The link contains photos of the girls, their names, ages, etc.


Due to the poor condition of the author’s smartphone, I asked the store to send me the conversation screen with the author.

Heading to the Store

Since I had a reservation at 5:00 p.m., I hurried to the store. The store is located on Dogenzaka, famous as a bustling area in Shibuya.

* Shibuya Hyakken Store

Since I had been informed of the exact location on LINE, I was able to smoothly navigate my way using Google Maps.

* Conversation with the store on LINE.

I exited the ticket gate and proceeded along the road next to Shibuya 109, heading towards “Shibuya Hyakken Store”. Please refer to the following image for detailed directions.

* Route from Shibuya Station to Tokyo Amateur Escort.

After about 8 minutes’ walk from Shibuya Station, I spotted the entrance to the store. The store is on the 2nd floor of the building, with an 18+ sign displayed at the entrance.

* Building housing the store.

Ascending the stairs, I found a black door, beyond which was the reception.

* Reception for Amateur Escort on the right.

There was staff at the reception, and a young male staff member attended to me. Since I had made a reservation in advance, I was smoothly guided.

* My name written in Katakana.

Moving to the Love Hotel

After confirming the usage, I was instructed to move to the love hotel next to the store. Although there were two waiting rooms inside the store, in my case, I immediately moved to the love hotel due to time constraints.

I exited the store and entered the hotel on the left. The signboard of the love hotel read “90 minutes from 2,900 yen~”, offering considerably lower prices than the market rate.

* Amateur Escort on the left. “ONYX” on the right is the love hotel.

Once inside the room, I informed the store staff of the room number via LINE. Since the room number was written on the key, there was no problem sending it.

* I used room 203.

Although the room was small due to the low price, it was equipped with a shower room, a spacious bed, and a TV, providing sufficient facilities.

* The environment was clean, so it was suitable for play.

After entering the room, I heard a knock. It seemed that the girl had arrived.

Meeting the Girl

Whenever I visit a store for the first time, I always feel nervous when meeting the girl. This time was no exception, with worries like “What if a different girl from the photo comes?” or “What if she’s older?” crossing my mind.

However, standing behind the door was a small and very cute girl. With long black hair swaying, she appeared to be around 20 years old at first glance.


I promptly invited her into the room, and while sitting on the bed, we grew closer.

She seemed to have recently entered the adult entertainment industry and mentioned being 18 years old. She attends a university in Tokyo to become a nutritionist and works during her free time when she has no classes.

She was a girl who laughed a lot anyway, and she seemed to enjoy the conversation while praising my poor Japanese.


Basically, communication is facilitated using translation apps, so even those who cannot speak Japanese can use it with peace of mind.

Starting the Play

After wrapping up the small talk, it’s time to start the play. Taking a shower, I jumped straight onto the bed. Normally, the girl would initiate by seeking kisses or reaching out to the author’s private parts in some way.

Positively speaking, being proactive, or negatively speaking, being experienced, is the basic of a sex worker. However, she didn’t exhibit any of that. She looked up at me with innocence while nestled against my chest, which deeply moved me.

At that moment, I recalled the name of the store. The store’s name is “Amateur Escort,” and indeed, her actions and demeanor were just those of an ordinary girl.


Everything, from the perfect timing just before the kiss, to her shy voice, was all so innocent.

Since she’s an amateur at 18, she doesn’t possess the practiced techniques. However, that’s her charm, and it led to a thoroughly enjoyable play session.

Those who enjoy pleasing girls or want to immerse a pure girl in their own world will find it quite enjoyable.

In fact, spending time with her allowed me to return to my roots. I had been into mature women lately, but by savoring her youthful body and lover-like play, I reaffirmed that “youth is truly wonderful.”

The physical allure, such as the elasticity of her skin and the glossy hair, was incomparable. Furthermore, her lack of experience made it thrilling with a fresh feeling. I enjoyed our time together so much that I’m considering another visit next week.

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The Appeal of Amateur Escort Lies in the Amateur Essence

This article introduced a review of Amateur Escort. Since it was my first time using this store, I had some slight concerns about the quality of the girls and the service.

However, upon actual usage, none of those concerns turned out to be valid. As stated on the official website, the girls were young and cute. Their bodies were magnificent, and I could feel the texture of her taut skin even afterward.

Considering the reasonable price range among the stores in Tokyo, I highly recommend giving it a try. I’m hoping for a fantastic night for you.

* The surroundings were dark as I left the hotel, but my heart was clear.

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