Review: I Tried Playing with Tokyo Sexy Milf

*This is Reika-chan, the girl I played with this time. (Permission to take photos granted)

While exploring the Tokyo area, I discovered an escort store offering affordable and excellent services.

Its name is “Tokyo Sexy Milf”. The girl I played with this time is 170 cm tall with a voluptuous G-cup bust. Above all, her play techniques were beyond expectations.

For those looking to have a fulfilling time on a budget, I recommend reading about my experience at Tokyo Sexy Milf.


You can enjoy both incall and outcall services at this store.

What is Tokyo Sexy Milf?

Tokyo Sexy Milf is an escort store located in Shibuya. It offers both incall and outcall services, so you can either visit the store or call a girl to your hotel.

Prices start from 36,000 yen for 60 minutes. If you want to choose a specific girl, an additional 2,000 yen selection fee is required. Please check the details below.

*Price list of Tokyo Sexy Milf.


Considering the average price for Tokyo escorts is around 40,000 yen for 60 minutes, this is a reasonable price.

Reviewing Tokyo Sexy Milf!

This time, I used the incall course. I made a reservation via LINE, headed to the store in Shibuya, and played at a love hotel nearby. Here’s the detailed review.

Heading to the Store

On a Thursday in early July, I headed straight to Shibuya after work. Since I had made a LINE reservation the night before, all I had to do was go to the store.

I left work around 7 PM to catch my 8 PM reservation. Although I usually take the same train for my commute, the anticipation of the upcoming experience made time feel slower.

*Arrived at JR Shibuya Station.

It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from Shibuya Station to Tokyo Sexy Milf. First, cross the scramble crossing and head towards SHIBUYA109.

*Scramble crossing.

Next, pass 109 on your right and climb Dogenzaka. It felt like a hike, weaving through neon lights and crowds.

After walking for about 5 minutes, you’ll find an intersection marked “Dogenzaka”, turn right there and head towards Lawson.

*Intersection at Dogenzaka.

With Lawson in front of you, two doors to the left is a building called “Monte Dogenzaka”. According to the official site, the reception of Tokyo Sexy Milf is in the basement of this building.

*Entrance of Monte Dogenzaka.

The inside of the building was slightly dim, and my heart raced with both tension and excitement. Going down to the basement using the stairs, I found multiple doors lining the hallway.

*The reception of Tokyo Sexy Milf is in the second room from the left.

Entering the Store

Destination reached! As soon as I entered, there was a reception counter where a male staff member greeted me with a smile.


I sat on a chair in front of the counter and took a deep breath. Just as I was about to tell the staff my name, he confirmed, “Are you Kenny?”


As it was my first time using this store, I felt relieved that the staff guided me smoothly.

I was handed a small reservation slip, and we confirmed the reservation details together. They also showed me the girl’s photo again.

*Reservation slip. It includes the start time, the girl’s name, and my name.

Once the confirmation was done, I was directed to a nearby hotel. When I asked where the hotel was, it turned out to be right next to the store. Containing my excitement, I left the store and headed to the love hotel.

Moving to the Love Hotel

The love hotel I used this time was “Hotel Diamond”. It is located just a minute’s walk from Tokyo Sexy Milf and is easy to find with its large sign.

*Hotel Diamond.

Inside, there was a front desk staff who guided me to an available room using a touchscreen panel.

*Touch panel system.

Room 703 was available, so I got the key and took the elevator to the floor with the room. By the way, there are several love hotels in the Dogenzaka area.


Even if Hotel Diamond is fully booked, there should be no problem using other nearby hotels.

Since it was my first time using this hotel, I was a bit worried, but the room was cleaner than expected. It seems it hasn’t been open for even two years, and the facilities were more than adequate.

*The room is unified with white and gray. It has a luxurious feel that you wouldn’t expect from a love hotel in Shibuya.

After entering the room, I contacted the store staff and informed them of the room number. They told me that the girl would be sent to the specified room, so all I had to do was wait in the room.


While waiting for the girl, it’s recommended to adjust the room temperature and tidy yourself up. Creating a relaxing space for the girl is also a tip for enjoying the escort experience.

I always turn on the air conditioning and wipe off my sweat with body paper before welcoming the girl.

Meeting the Girl

Three minutes passed as I sat on the sofa. In the quiet room, the only sounds were the air conditioner and my breathing as I waited for the girl, feeling a bit restless.

Then, the doorbell rang. Containing my eagerness to meet Reika-chan, I deliberately walked slowly to the door.


A man always wants to appear composed in front of a girl.

After taking a deep breath, I turned the doorknob, and there stood a girl with a refreshing smile. “Good evening, I’m Reika,” she greeted brightly.

She wore a white camisole and a gray mini skirt, a summery outfit, and had a black hat on her head. As she entered the room and took off her hat, her slightly golden long hair was revealed.

Her taut skin was exposed through the camisole, and I couldn’t help but look her over.

*Reika-chan, the girl I chose. (Permission to take photos granted)

During that time, she chatted with me, saying things like “The room is so cool! It’s hot outside, right?” and “Did you just finish work today?” while preparing the timer and the bath.

Taking a Shower

It seemed everything was ready, as Reika-chan playfully invited me, “Shall we take a shower together?” Trying to keep my usual cool, my lower part gradually grew.

Watching her undress shyly further excited me. And finally, I came face to face with her G-cup bust!

Her white skin had beautiful light pink nipples, which stimulated my lower body just by looking at them. After we both finished undressing, we headed to the shower.

*Reika-chan, who is surprisingly eager despite her shyness. (Photo permission granted)

The Play Begins

I lay on the bed and waited for Reika-chan on my back. She adjusted the lighting and soon came to me. Looking up at Reika-chan, who was smiling gently, I felt my heart race for the play that was about to begin.

She came to my right side on all fours and licked my right nipple. My sensitivity was already heightened, and I couldn’t help but let out a pitiful sound.

She then moved to my chest, licking the left side this time. Simultaneously, she used her saliva as lotion and played with my right nipple with her fingers.


Her technique was incredible. She served me with her entire body, and the sounds of water and our breaths in the darkness heightened my excitement.

Gradually, her body moved towards my lower half. As she stimulated my now large member with her fingers, I thought a blow job was about to start. However, that was a naive thought. She slowly ran her tongue along the inside of my right thigh, providing an unknown sensation.

Even without touching my member, it felt like my lower half was floating. She meticulously licked areas that are usually untouched, and I basked in the gradual pleasure.

Suddenly, a wave of intense pleasure hit me. Reika-chan took my member into her mouth, and a vigorous blow job began. The obscene sounds filled the room, thanks to her ample use of saliva.

*Her face, which was cute just a moment ago, now wore a seductive smile, which was the best. (Photo permission granted)

While she continued to lick my member with consistent suction, she reached out and stimulated my nipples. It felt so good that it was hard to hold back.

Feeling that I might finish at any moment, I had to stop her myself. Smiling at me, she then climbed on top. It was time for a cowgirl frottage.

Reika-chan seemed to be enjoying it too, as each slide was accompanied by her moans and sticky sounds. The view from below was also amazing, as I watched her G-cup bust bounce up and down, leading to the perfect finish.

The Techniques of Tokyo Sexy Milf Were Amazing

This time, I played at the escort store “Tokyo Sexy Milf” in Shibuya. Since it was my first time using this store and it was low-priced, I was honestly a bit worried.

However, my impression was very satisfying. I got to play with a cute tall girl with G-cup breasts, and more importantly, her technique was beyond my expectations.

Readers who want an unforgettable experience in Japan should definitely try it out. It was such an incredible experience that just remembering it stimulates my lower body.

*Thank you, Tokyo Sexy Milf.

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